"The Big Five" appointed "Panda-Book-of-the-Year"

The recently published reportage book ”The Big Five”, by Staffan Widstrand, Magnus Elander and Johan Lewenhaupt, has recently been appointed  ”Panda Book-of-the-Year” 2003 by the  WWF-Sweden. ”The Big Five” is already a sales success, and the first print run of the Swedish edition was a sensational 25 000 copies. ”The Big Five” is about the five large carnivores of the Scandinavian North – the Wolf, the Bear, the Lynx, the Wolverine – and Man. Photographers and writers Staffan Widstrand and Magnus Elander have worked for four years tightly together also with journalist and hunter Johan Lewenhaupt, to create the 240-page, 250-photograph reportage book. The 13 essays display a number different angles and ways of looking at the carnivores – and ourselves. Here, the four-legged carnivores act also as mirrors for the two-legged ones, to more easily see ourselves a bit more clearly. The photography is nothing but spectacular. In unique and intimate images we meet the European wolf and European Brown Bear as almost never before. We get close to the shy Lynx and the unknown Wolverine steps out from the shadows. An underlying theme through the whole book is the relationship between Man and the other large carnivores. The Authors have travelled widely also to Russia, Romania, Finland and Idaho, USA in their quest for interesting stories to tell. Reproduction, printing and paper are exquisite.

From  the WWF-Jury motivation:
”A magnificent book of pictures and essays delivering both excitement and beauty – a read that will leave no one indifferent”.
His Majesty King Carl XVI of Sweden says in the foreword:
”This book has exciting journalism, striking pictures and vital information about the interplay between Man and wildlife. It is my hope that it will be read and considered, and contribute essential knowledge”

The Big Five, English, Max Ström, 2002
The Big Five, English, Max Ström, 2002

Rovdjur, Swedish, Max Ström, 2002

Title: ”The Big Five”
Format: 230×310 mm
Size: 240 pages
ISBN 91-89204-44-1
Also published in a Swedish language edition
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