Staffan leads workshops with Better Moments

Staffan Widstrand leads ambitious photography workshops together with Better Moments in 2012. Visiting the Sea Eagles in Norway 9-16 June, the Bears and Wolves in Finland 4-11 August, and the Jaguars, Giant otters and Harpy eagles in Pantanal, Brazil in cooperation with the agency ”Better Moments”, which specialises in top-level photo workshops all over the world. The arrangements are made in cooperation also with Wild Wonders of Europe.

New book about Europe´s forests!

Photography by Wild Wonders of Europe. Available in English, German & French. Available on for example.


Wilde Wälder
Wilde Wälder in Europa, German, National Geographic Deutschland, 2011, ISBN: 978-3-86690-253-4

Forêts, French, Editions de La Martinière, 2011,
EAN13 : 9782732446110

Trees and forests
Trees and forests, English, Abrams, 2011, ISBN: 1-4197-0079-0