Wild Wonders of Europe

Europe’s largest – ever photography project has launched its web site at www.wild-wonders.com. Wild Wonders of Europe is an epic, pan-European initiative, aiming to reveal to 700 million Europeans our shared natural heritage and to inspire a desire to safeguard its future. This is also the start of the countdown to the Great Quest, which will begin in May 2008. A Quest in which 50 of Europe’s leading nature photographers will travel on more than 90 assignments to every country in Europe, with a mission to create stunning imagery of the very Crown Jewels among Europe’s natural treasures. From the smallest gems to the wilderness riches, from the Atlantic shores to the Ural Mountains, and from the Arctic tundra to the Mediterranean beaches.
The beauty and interest of the images, the excitement of the Quest and the power of the messages will be presented through a variety of media – locally and nationally – together reaching a huge diversity of audiences, crossing borders of class, culture, age and ethnicity.

Wild Wonders of Europe will span at least 5 years, consisting of a cutting-edge web site, outdoor exhibitions, books, audiovisual picture shows, TV-series, photo competitions, and events all across Europe.
”Europeans know more about nature in Africa than in Europe”
– ”Most of us Europeans today know more about nature in Africa or North America, than we know about Europe. How many Swedes know anything about nature in Bulgaria? How many Irish know anything about nature in Belarus? Or vice versa! This is all part of a natural heritage that we share. But how are you supposed to care about something that you have never even seen or heard about?”” says Staffan Widstrand, photographer and writer from Sweden, Managing Director of Wild Wonders of Europe.
– ”Many think they need to go to America or Australia to experience fascinating wildlife and amazing natural landscapes, but there is lots of it in Europe. We have bison, bears, and wolves, as well as deep canyons, high mountains, rolling steppes, great rivers and turquoise fjords! We would like to inspire Europeans to go out there and better enjoy their own natural heritage, first-hand. But beware, you might fall in love with it all!” says Florian Möllers, photographer and writer from Germany, the project’s Communications Director.
– ”It is clear that presently, a majority of Europeans are becoming increasingly alienated from nature. Wild Wonders of Europe aims to reverse this trend. We want to touch people’s emotions, excite them about nature, make it cool. We want to re-connect people with our natural heritage.our spiritual home,” says Peter Cairns, photographer and writer from Britain, Business Director of Wild Wonders of Europe.
Wild Wonders of Europe is mainly about good news – showcasing the great diversity and richness of nature and the fact that a lot of the most magnificent Wild Wonders of Europe are still around. And, if we look after them well enough, will still be around also in the future.
Wild Wonders of Europe is being made possible through a growing partnership with several major international conservation, media and public organisations along with socially and environmentally conscious corporations.
Among them are National Geographic Magazine, Epson, Bayard Presse, PolarQuest, Noble Caledonia, European Environment Agency, Conservation International, ILCP (The International League of Conservation Photographers), UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme, The WILD Foundation, and IUCN (The World Conservation Union), Countdown 2010, AEFONA (Association of Spanish Nature Photographers),
Revealing Europe’s amazing natural treasures to the world.
A heritage to share. To enjoy. To protect.
For further information, please contact:
Staffan Widstrand
Managing Director
Phone +46 8 583 518 31
Mobile: +46 70 657 33 24
Email: staffan@wild-wonders.com
Florian Möllers
Communications Director
Phone: +49 30 32 50 33 28
Mobile: +49 170 937 57 89
Email: florian@wild-wonders.com
Free Press images: are available for download in high-resolution files, in the Press Room at www.wild-wonders.com
These images may be published without cost, but only in direct connection with reports about Wild Wonders of Europe and mentioning the web address.
The photographer’s by-line shall also be published beside each image.