Staffan first Swede with Nikon D3

Staffan Widstrand is the first photographer in Sweden, and one of the first in Europe, to use the new Nikon D3 camera. He will use it on an assignment deep into the Brazilian Amazon and the Pantanal. Widstrand will also try the new 24 – 70/2,8 lens on the expedition.
”I will give it some thorough testing allright. Rainforest humidity, scorching heat, dust and quick-action motifs in dark forests.
”I was very satisfied already with the 2 D2Xs that I have been working with since 2006, but if the D3 holds what it promises, it will be even better at some crucial points. For me the most useful new features will probably be: the possibility to use very high ISO settings with very little color noise, 9 frames per second, improved AF, the live screen, the much bigger viewfinder view and the new long VR-telephoto lenses that come with it.”
Widstrand will show some of his Brazilian images and talk about his impressions from this new super-camera, on a tour arranged by Nikon, to Göteborg, Sweden, November 6-7 and in Malmo, Sweden, November 20-21 2007.