TV program about Staffan in China

A TV program from Tianjin TV in China about Staffan Widstrand, Tim Laman and Jed Weingarten – three photographers who have worked on showing some of the natural heritage of China to the Chinese and the world.
Coming up, on the same channel, is a full one-hour story about each one of them.
This is part of a series of documentaries about foreigners looking at and exploring China. Others featured in the series have been George Schaller, Djengiz Khan, Marco Polo and Sven Hedin! Don’t worry if you don’t speak Chinese, a lot of it is in English so please follow the link to watch the program.

Staffan jury of World Press Photo 2013

Staffan will be chair of the specialized jury in the nature section of World Press Photo 2013.
As jury chair of the nature category he will be judging in the contest, together with other professionals from the field, some of the world’s leading photojournalism and documentary photography. The results will be announced on 15 February 2013 and the prize-winning pictures will be part of an exhibition touring more than a hundred cities all over the world.