Lammergeier and Bonelli's eagle in Spain

From Birding photo tours fantastic photo hides in the Pre-Pyrenees of Spain Staffan photographed Lammergeier and Bonelli’s eagle. Griffon vulture and Red kite also joined at the feeding station, made for conservation purposes, which also functions as a successful wildlife watching site. Please visit the Wild Spain gallery to view the images.

Lammergeier or Bearded vulture, immature bird, Gypaetus barbatus, at feeding site and wildlife watching site, images taken from a hide. Pre-Pyrenees, Catalonia, Spain (Staffan Widstrand)

New gallery Spring in Lithuania

Staffan was invited by the Baltic Environmental Forum to do a photo and consultancy assignment in Lithuania. He traveled through the fantastic Nemunas river delta, one of the finest wetlands in Europe, and the Punia forest reserve, an old growth forest that has not been logged or hunted in for more than 70 years. Please view the Lithuania gallery with Staffans images of people, birds and wildlife from these areas.

Musteika Village, on the border of the Cepkeliai reserve and the Dzukija National Park, Lithuania, EU (Staffan Widstrand)