Staffan wins "Image of the Year" competition

Staffan Widstrand is one of the three first-ever winners of the ”Nature Image of the Year” cathegory of the Arets Bild (Image of the Year) competition in Sweden. Arets Bild is Sweden’s oldest and biggest photo competition, celebrating 65 years in business 2008. This year 469 photographers took part, with 4 251 entries, The winning images are presented in a book (where four of Widstrands images are shown) and two touring exhibitions. The awards ceremony was broadcast direct in Swedish television TV2. Staffan Widstrand was given the title ”Nature Photographer of the Year” in Sweden 2002, and has won eleven prizes in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. He is also a Director of the Wild Wonders of Europe initiative, which recently launched its first web site on February 14, 2008


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Jonas Lemberg, +46-70-7334600,
Competition Manager, Arets Bild

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