"Swedens 100 most environmentally influential"

Widstrand has been nominated to appear on the list of ”Swedens 100 most Environmentally influential people”. News from the brand new web page of the ”Naturfotograferna” – The Swedish Nature Photographers’ Association. Staffan Widstrand, Mattias Klum and two other nature photographers are on the list of nominees. Read the article at Naturfotograferna: https://www.naturfotograferna.se/151-2011-12-13-n-fotografer-kan-bli-miljomaktigaste

Wild Wonders of Europe´s App for iOS devices

Dont miss Wild Wonders of Europe´s ”Wild Friends” our 1st free App for iOS devices!! Perfect for families, nature lovers, photographers or explorers. Wild Friends is an exciting blend of cool stories and info about species, habitats and conservation, spiced up with great photography and behind-the-lens views from our photographers. Enjoy the journey! 🙂 Read more on Wild Wonders of Europe´s page: https://www.wild-wonders.com/products_app.asp