Staffan bags "Nature Image of the Year 2009"

Widstrand just bagged two new photo awards and an Aquavit Bar: The Winning image in the ”Nature Image of the Year 2009” in the ”International PGB Awards” (Photographers Giving Back). The Runner-up in the Nature cathegory of ”Image of the Year 2009” in Sweden, Both awards were given to the same picture – a white snowy owl against a white snowy background, closing in on a little mouse sitting on the snow. On top of that, two more of Widstrand’s images were given honourable mentions and published in the book from each of the two competitions respectively. The newly started franchising chain ”Andersson Aquavit” just opened their first bar at Arlanda Airport. Full of Widstrand images from Northern regions on giant wall papers and in slide shows on 6 giant TV-screens.