Staffan on stage, fall 2008

Please come and meet him when you can – here are some of the opportunities: – Barcelona, Spain, 5-10/10 at the World Conservation Congress. Together with ILCP, IUCN and Conservation International. Widstrand has 12 of the images in the World Conservation Union (IUCN) entry hall, including the main entry picture of the whole hall, most of them from the Dubai Desert Conservation Area.
Widstrand is also one of the keynote speakers on October 7, at the book launch of the International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP) book on climate change.
– Copenhagen, Denmark 10/10  book launch of ”I den Arktiske Vind”, a new book by Widstrand and Magnus Elander about the Arctic, at the Copenhagen ”Kulturnatten”
– Stockholm, Sweden 17/10 book launch of the Swedish edition of ”Vindar från Arktis”, awarded the title: ”WWF Panda book of the Year 2009”, at a lunch with King Carl XVI Gustaf at the WWF Sweden office at Ulriksdals Slott, and then also at a press launch at 15.00, in the Absolute Ice bar at Nordic Blue Hotel.
– Stockholm, Sweden, 19/10, at Teaterskeppet, Skeppsbron, during the ”PolarQuest day”, a slide presentation about ”Pantanal and the Amazonas”.
– Lieira, Portugal, 24-26/10, at the FotoNaturis Festival, exhibition images and slide presentations about ”Wild Wonders of Europe” and ”The Big Five of Scandinavia”.
– London, UK, 31/10-1/11, at WildPhotos seminar, a presentation of some of the latest images from ”Wild Wonders of Europe”
– Kallhäll, Sweden, 19/11, at Folkets Hus, slide presentation about ”Wild Sweden”.
– Montier-en-Der, France, 21-23/11, at the huge Festival de la photo de la Nature, ”Wild Wonders of Europe” – exhibition and slide presentation.
– Alicante, Spain, 5-7/12, at the yearly Nature photo festival of the Spanish Nature Photographers Association (AEFONA), slide presentations about ”Wild Wonders of Europe” and ”Pantanal – The Serengeti of South America”.
– Courchevel, France, 11-14/12, a sneak preview of some ”Wild Wonders of Europe” images – some exhibition images and a slide presentation.
 New book:
Vindar från Arktis (”In the Arctic Wind”) authored by Widstrand and long-time project partner and fellow Swede Magnus Elander, with science research fact check by science reporters Henning Thing and Poul-Erik Philbert from Denmark. first edition published in Sweden and Denmark, selected the ”Panda Book of the Year” by WWF Sweden and already sold in 33 000 copies.
 Missions for Wild Wonders of Europe has taken Widstrand several times to Finland, Sardinia and Norway this summer and fall. Check it all out in his Wild Blogs and Galleries at
 Now also Mimmi Widstrand, 8, is an award-winning photographer, bagging a nice youth award at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition at the Natural History Museum in London, with an image from Flatanger in Norway, of a herring gull. Mother Tuula says she tries to live with the fact that she is now the only family member who has not been awarded in this prestigious competition…
 Widstrand at IKEA
A recent campaign in all the IKEA stores in Sweden, by IKEA together with state-owned forestry company Sveaskog, to inspire the Swedes to spend more time in, and better enjoy the Great Outdoors, started this fall. It will consist of 4 different seasonal campaigns, all illustrated exclusively with Widstrands images. For sale in the IKEA print galleries, but also all over the world, are also a few other of Widstrands images of Swedish wildlife.
 Widstrand images decorating airport lounge bars
In Landvetter, Gothenburg and Arlanda, Stockholm the trendy Andersson Akvavit bars has been decorated with exclusively Widstrand images.