María Luisa Memorial Photo contest

Black stork, Ciconia nigra, Pusztaszer landscape protected area, Hungary

Staffans close up image of a Black stork received an honerable mention in the María Luisa Memorial Photo contest 2022.

Sony Imaging Ambassador

A recording of a live webinar from 22 February 2022 with Staffan sharing his experiences being a Sony Imaging Ambassador. Learn more about cameras and lenses in Sony’s mirrorless system, get tips and advice on photography and be inspired by fantastic nature photos.

Two images awarded in Nature in Focus

African Savannah Elephant, Loxodonta africana, camouflaging itself behind a too small bush… Marataba Private Reserve, Marakele National Park, Limpopo, South Africa

”It is an honour for me to announce that two of my images were awarded in one of the world’s most creative nature photo competitions – the Indian ”Nature inFocus Photography Contest 2021” says Staffan. The image of the African savannah elephant hiding behind a bush was awarded in the Animals portrait category and the image of a fisherman displaying his fresh harvest of shark fins.

WWF Panda book of the year

Staffan Widstrand and Magnus Lundgrens book ”Papua – bland paradisfåglar och djävulsrockor” is awarded Panda book of the year 2022 by WWF Sweden. To quote the WWF jury, the book is ”nature photography elevated to art” . The photographers and authors Magnus Lundgren and Staffan Widstrand take the reader on a visually captivating and fascinating journey of discovery, through West Papua’s unique tropical wilderness.

Youtube presentation

Invited by the Russian Federation of Nature Photographers and the competition Golden Turtle in Moscow Staffan held a presentation on Youtube showing ”Wild Wonders of Scandinavia”. ”Great fun, thanks guys!” says Staffan.

Sony Imaging Ambassador

Photographer Staffan Widstrand with SONY gear, Malingsbo-Kloten nature reserve, Vastmanland, Sweden

Staffan is now a Sony Imaging Ambassador! Why did you change from Nikon? ”Nikon gear has done me well for 38 years of photography. Now I found out that Sony gear could do all that the Nikon gear did, plus it can do a few more important things for me and it does it better. Auto focus, frames per second and above all AF for videos, Sony video is wonderful!” says Staffan.

Nature Photography event in Västerås

Staffan was invited to ”Naturfotodagarna” in Västerås, Sweden, as a keynote presenter on Saturday February 16, 2019. In relation to the event there was a big feature with Staffan and his images in the local newspaper Vestmanlands Läns tidning. Staffans images were also part of the exhibition at the event and could also be seen in the Nikon and Wild Nature Photo adventures booths. The event was well organized by Camera Natura and Staffan says ”Thanks Conny Jonsson and your team, it was great fun!”

Elephant image in UK press

Staffans image of African Savannah Elephant, Loxodonta africana, camouflaging itself behind a too small bush in Marataba Private Reserve, Marakele National Park, Limpopo, South Africa has been published in several British newspapers. On January 29 it could be seen in The Times, The Daily Mail, The Daily Star and The Sun. Please view the In Press page to see it in detail.

Wuhan, East Lake, China

A new gallery Wuhan, East Lake, China is now up on show with images from the newly created “East Lake Greenway” in Wuhan, a vast, new, modern city park with some 70 km of biking trails, jogging trails and a great lake that for every year now has cleaner water. An amazing change from earlier decades of poor water quality because of sewage and industrial waste in this city of 13 million people. Through major effort and investment, a major achievement for environmental and peoples health.

All photos are by Staffan Widstrand/Wild Wonders of China on assignment for Yangtze Daily, with valuable help and expertise from local experts and the wonderful visual artist Yuan Minghui, one of China’s internationally most frequently prize-winning nature photographers.

All images with Nikon D850 and a bunch of different Nikkor lenses

WWF Panda book Award ceremony

Photo by Saga Sandin / WWF

Staffan Widstrand and Magnus Lundgren have been awarded the WWF Panda book of the Year Award 2017 for Ett vildare liv (”A Wilder Life”) A magnificent coffee-table book about the return of the wild, often called “rewilding”.

The book is a tribute to the amazing biodiversity that exists in Europe’s nature, but also about the need to recreate nature. It is about effective nature conservation – but also about actively reintroducing animal species like wild horses, aurochs and European bison which we lost a long time ago.

The jury’s motivation reads: ”The authors take us along a European odyssey with a number of examples of how wildlife can come back and that much more than we imagine is actually possible. The book offers amazing images from Atlantic deep blue seas to our own mountains, from sunny grasslands to lush forests. ”A Wilder Life” is a magnificent homage to our own and the rest of Europe’s nature which we read with both wonder and genuine joy.”

The authors explain their aim  “We want to see more of the wild coming back into our lives. We believe that almost all places can become one or several steps wilder. Often with surprisingly small efforts leading to great results. We ask ourselves what we could all do for the wild, in our daily lives, suggesting a number of possible actions. At the same time also demonstrating some of the latest successes within rewilding and nature conservation. It really works. Through emotional imagery from the Wild Wonders of Europe and Rewilding Europe initiatives, we showcase Europe’s amazing natural heritage. The powerful visuals underline how absolutely exciting and loveable nature is in our part of the world.”

It may seem utopian to see large grazing animals wandering over grasslands in the south of Sweden as an equivalent to Africa’s Serengeti. But in Europe, similar scenarios are already reality. In spite of all reports of shrinking space for nature and minus figures for biodiversity, parts of Europe are again rewilded.

The book discusses issues such as hunting and fishing, forestry, hydropower and the need for increased marine protection.

”Nature is coming back if we just leave it in peace. We are excited to spread that message to a larger audience through the Panda book Award, ”said Staffan Widstrand and Magnus Lundgren.

The Award ceremony took place on October 11, when the Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf handed over the prize in connection with WWF’s autumn meeting at Ulriksdal Palace.