Wuhan, East Lake, China

A new gallery Wuhan, East Lake, China is now up on show with images from the newly created “East Lake Greenway” in Wuhan, a vast, new, modern city park with some 70 km of biking trails, jogging trails and a great lake that for every year now has cleaner water. An amazing change from earlier decades of poor water quality because of sewage and industrial waste in this city of 13 million people. Through major effort and investment, a major achievement for environmental and peoples health.

All photos are by Staffan Widstrand/Wild Wonders of China on assignment for Yangtze Daily, with valuable help and expertise from local experts and the wonderful visual artist Yuan Minghui, one of China’s internationally most frequently prize-winning nature photographers.

All images with Nikon D850 and a bunch of different Nikkor lenses

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