Exhibition, Photo festival and talks in China

Staffan Widstrand is invited to Xishuangbanna Photo Festival in Yunnan, China, talks about Wild Wonders of Europe and presents the ideas behind a possible Wild Wonders of China. An event on the topic Nature Photography as a tool for nature conservation followed at the ”Zhengzhou High-end Foreign Photography Forum.” Art photography exhibitions by the three Nordic nature photographers Jari Peltomäki, Staffan Widstrand and Olli Lamminsalo were on display and visited by over 1000 people already the first day. Two days of slide presentations and workshop lectures followed at the He Nan Art Gallery, after the exhibition launch. Thereafter a full day nature photography workshop, called ”Photography Talk time”, was held at the Ministry of Culture Old University in Beijing. Speakers in front of this hand-picked audience of Chinese professional photographers were: Jari Peltomäki, Staffan Widstrand, and Olli Lamminsalo. A ceremony also took place, where photo books were donated to China’s National Library Reference Collection by the speakers, and the Old University also issued “visiting professor” certificates to the three foreign speakers. Good discussions followed about subjects like photojournalism, digital manipulation and the balance between commercial and non-profit clients and assignments and the speakers also met with the China Folklore Photographic Association, CFPA, to talk about several ways to cooperate along the way forward. https://wildwondersofchina.com/en/

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