"Coming soon to a forest near you…?"

On October 4, a photographic exhibition opened in Virserum in southern Sweden, showing 40 of Staffan Widstrands images of the Big Five Nordic carnivores.
The venue, Virserums konsthall, is a highly appreciated art gallery that has gained wide respect and acclaim. The exhibition will be open until November 23. – My images are about Man, the two-legged carnivore, and about how we relate to our four-legged colleagues and competitors, says Staffan Widstrand.

– These are animals that we have lived together with here, since the Stone age. Animals that we have hated, admired, hunted, studied, revered, persectued, idolized and demonised so much that they are now an integral part of our cultural history and our national identity.
– Maybe our views on our four-legged large carnivore nighbours, at the same time also tells us a bit about our view on and our relations to our fellow human neighbours?
– Maybe the debate about large carnivore issues to a not so small extent really is about issues like our general level of tolerance, about our humility towards our fellow beings and about how we develop attitudes?
Maybe even about our fear of change?
Or about our level of hostility towards strangers?
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