China Folklore Photographic Association

Image by Staffan Widstrand

Staffan was one of the jury members in the Chinese International photo competition “Humanity Photo Awards”, arranged by the China Folklore Photographic Association (with 50 000 members) together with UNESCO, with its aims to show humankind as we are – not only the press or news angle on our lives, but also our working life, family life, celebrations, rites, festivals and traditional cultures. “It was an exciting jury process with an incredible array of images from all corners of the world, and even more interesting, also shot by photographers from all corners of the world. The winners were from many countries, where India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Iran and China stood out in numbers, and with winners also from Mali, Serbia, Bulgaria, Zimbabwe, Spain, Romania, Croatia, Russia, Ukraine, Chile, Peru, Canada, France, UAE, Bahrein and more”. The awards ceremonies were held September 15-18, 2015 in Shangri-La, Yunnan, China, mixed with outings to photograph different aspects of the mainly Tibetan culture in the area – from monasteries, family homes and farms to modern town life.