Wild Wonders of China pioneer expedition

Together with the rest of the Wild Wonders of China team, Staffan visited Tangjiahe Nature Reserve in the Sichuan province of China for the initiative’s first photo mission, a test mission. The photographers Staffan Widstrand, Magnus Lundgren, Wu Ying, Jed Weingarten and Mr. Xu Yongchun were joined by renowned panda researcher Professor Yong Yange and later also by Mr. Chen Jianwei, Mr. Xie Jianjuo, and Professor Sun Jinqiang. The whole team was warmly welcomed by Mr. Deng Jianxin, Tangjiahe Nature Reserve photographer and chairman of the Qingchuan Photographers Society. This pioneer expedition was made possible through the generous support by Mr. Jean-Marie Hullot’s IRIS Foundation. Mr Hullot also joined the team in Tangjiahe with his son Jonathan Hullot. The team was able to observe and photograph a large number of species, both on the ground and under water, among them Asiatic black bear, takin, muntjac, golden pheasant, and tragopan. Read more about the whole initiative and the first mission on the Wild Wonders of China website where there is also a gallery complete with selected images from all the photographers who joined the expedition. Enjoy!