Staffan reports from World Press Photo

The WPP judging continues, among oceans of coffee, mint tea and Dutch delicacies. Good discussions, laughs and right after that many very disturbing images from all the places in the world where the human rights are abused the hardest – Congo, Syria and the like. An emotional roller-coaster for sure.
Nature section is now down to 4 stories
Sports Action is down to 4 stories
Sports features is down to 4 stories
Portraits observed down to 5 stories
Portraits staged is down to 5 stories
Daily life is down to 11 stories
Contemporary issues to 14 stories
General news to 15 stories and
Spot news down to 6 stories
Out of 102 000 images entered….
Hats off to all our photographer colleagues out there, who persistently work to show us the world, even the parts of it many people would have liked not to see maybe. And some of those colleagues not only work hard, but also risk their lives for it. Yes, some even lose theirs in that process. Respect to you all! It is a true honour to try to give your ambitions the justice that you all deserve!
Staffan Widstrand