Wild Sweden – New book out in September

Wild Sweden is a labor of love.  A book about the crown jewels of nature of this pretty wild and exotic Northern country, and about a number of really good ways to enjoy it. Including a careful selection of Sweden´s best five star outdoor adventures. It is a fountain of inspiration and temptation.Widstrands powerful images evoke a feeling of actually being out there. A marvel to the many of us, who, in a wide sense, enjoy the Great Outdoors. For a surprisingly long time these riches of wildlife, nature and outdoor joys of this large Scandinavian country have remained a well kept secret.
Wild Sweden takes you on a journey through some of the wildest nature areas of northern Europe, highlighting landscapes and stunning wildlife, as well as showing a number of exciting ways to experience the land. Everything covered by this book is actually within pretty easy reach for just about anyone of us. You don´t have to be Indiana Jones to make it there. Should you consider giving it a try after reading this, there are great local experts, willing to help you out. Every image in the book show values that are directly bookable. Most of these nature tour products even carry the national quality-label Nature´s Best. Wild Sweden offers also a short fact section including a map of Sweden, basic facts for the outdoor traveller, as well as the author’s personal choice of the Top 21 Swedish nature tours. There is also a brief ”Nature Photography for Everyone” section that provides some assistance to the photography-minded traveler. Author Staffan Widstrand is a frequently award-win¬ning, world-class photographer. His powerful images and inspiring texts here convey a very strong message: ”It is all yours to explore. Come here, enjoy, show respect and pay a fair price for the services provided. By doing so, you will join one of the strongest forces for protecting these natural treasures. You will become an integral part of making wild nature economically valuable to local people. You will be a part of making conservation pay for itself. Which is one of the basic ideas behind the word ’ecotourism’. And you will have some great fun.”
Wild Sweden is a book for anyone at all interested in nature, outdoor adventures, photography or the Scandinavian countries.
It makes an excellent gift.
Graphic design by Eva-Jo Hancock
Format 240 x 285 mm upright
216 pages full color
240 images
Cover matte with UV partial varnishing
Paper 150 g Silk double-coated