Carnivore Information-centre

New Carnivore Information-centre web site with images exclusively by Widstrand and Elander now released. The Swedish centre for information and communication about the country´s large carnivores, called ”The Big 5 Carnivore Centre” which is right now being built in Järvsö, Hälsingland, launched its completely remade and very much expanded web site on November 24. All images on the site are by either Staffan Widstrand or Magnus Elander. Making it the by far most comprehensive collection of carnivore photographs in Sweden. Widstrand was also the main text writer and Editor-in Chief of the site. The project ”The Big 5” was first started in 1998 by Staffan Widstrand, Magnus Elander and Johan Lewenhaupt, and later purchased over by the emerging carnivore centre. Both Widstrand and Elander have since been involved as consultants in the creation ”The Big 5 Carnivore Centre”, which will open it´s large and beautiful visitors centre in June 2005. Web designers were Linus Elander and Per Jonsson of Perlin Systems, that have also designed Widstrands own site. Web editor is Leif Silversund. The site is scheduled to later be translated into English.